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Riot On Racing

Latest from the Blog

Races Galore!

So, is the world getting back to normal?? Whatever normal is….I am definitely not an expert on normal. Just ask Lois…OK, do not ask Lois! Anyways…this past weekend was chock full of races. Yes…mountain bike races!! Epic ones….all over the world. And some epic local riders attending said races. E P I C !!! Local…

A Little Bikepacking Anyone?

So, in my last post I made reference to bikepacking, and the BT700 website… Oooops…sorry about that…an adoring fan, I guess… Anyways…just a day or two after my last post Matt Kadey, creator/composer/developer/keeper/guardian….of said website, and also of many bikepacking routes (and a master bikepacker…obviously) sent out an BT700 related email. Oh heck…sorry again…just another…

The Cold Shoulder

It’s not that I am tired of my fatbike, my fatbike is awesome! But I am tired of winter. Our local winter weather has been so sketch. 50cm of snowfall (which was great for snowshoes and adventure skis!!) followed by a week of melting/freezing for a couple of weeks….and repeat. My snowshoes saw more action…

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