Back in ’Business’

Well here we are…or here I am. Back to the blog, cuz it’s fun to write…and I have cat pics to post. If you are familiar with this blog you will get that reference. If you are new to this blog…hold on…and hopefully enjoy. Posts will centre around mountain biking, bikepacking, gravel riding, outside naturey stuff, perhaps the odd roady reference…and of course, cat memes.

Between Covid and a couple of seasons of treeplanting with my daughter out in the amazing province of BC have put me mostly off of the blog posting, and a bit off of the bike. So here I am…back from BC, back to the occasional blog post (there really is no set order to when the posts appear), and me attempting to get back into bike shape.

My latests foray was the 8 Hours of Hurtin’ in Haliburton, a gravel race run by Valleyworks in the Haliburton highlands this past Saturday. I kind of posted a short review of the race on my Riot On Racing facebook page. I am still recovering from that one…the name is very proper. I rode it on a single speed Kona Rove with too tall of gearing for the elevation on the route, and now I pay the price.

If you are not familiar with this race check it out at it is a hella worthy race!

And for this weekend, there is the Fall Epic 8 Hour mountain bike relay race you can check out at, and there is the Reggie Ramble, a gravel ride you can check at I won’t be participating in either one of these…a bit too late to the registration table this time…and out of proper shape to survive either one. But I’m working on it. More rides, races, and adventures to come…and blogs to go with them. I am back…

Stay posted….

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