Races for Thee…

Well there were a couple of bike races this past weekend. I did not take part in either one, unfortunately. I am still not anywhere close to proper race shape…I am barely in ride for fun shape…but I’m working on it.

What races happened? There was the Fall Epic 8 Hour Mountain Bike Relay Race, out at Hardwood Hills promoted by Pulse Racing. A few friends were out there rippin it up. And there was a bit of rain…enough to make it a bit dirty…

And this guy…comes from winning the 8 Hours of Hurtin’ In Haliburton. Actually, Adam was actually pushed by Nick E. in Haliburton…normally, nobody gets close enough to push Adam on a bike! Well, except maybe his teammate/lifemate Heather (Professional Feeder Girl).

Anyways…last weekend Adam wins the 8 Hours Haliburton, and saunters into the Epic 8 this weekend and crushes the course and his competition. Seriously crushed…it wasn’t even close…

Adam…always King of the Hill…like this guy…

Compulsory cat meme requirement fulfilled….

There was also the Reggie Ramble this past Saturday…and a few friends were out for this one as well…

Pinoy Ryder was out reppin’ his group the Pinoy Pedal Pushers at the Reggie Ramble

200km on a Single Speed. Sarah = Legend!

There was another little race this weekend…although not a local one. The Canadian MTB championship. Aaaand local superstar Jocelyn S. was there and wowed the crowd coming in second!! In an amazing sprint finish. Second!! Beating out pros and olympians!!

Jocelyn S., someone to keep an eye on for the next World Cup season??

As for me…no racing this weekend, besides what a downer that would be to post about after all of these legend athletes. I did get out for a fun ride though…took the Riot ride out to Mansfield to ride with a group of very fun folks.

If you haven’t ridden Mansfield for a while there are some big changes going on there. It is now open for public riding, and there are new trails being built. If you like big climbs, and fast flowy descents it’s a place you want to ride. And it backs onto the Dufferin Forest trails to make for many trail options. Best of all it is sand based, so it is better when wet. So when every other trail is too muddy to ride, the Mansfield trails are mint.

Yesterday I got out to ride our local Waterdown trails to scope out a new trail built by local rider/builder Pete A. The new trail is a gnarly beauty!! Thanks Pete!! It blends well and adds some flow to the Waterdown trail system. Waterdown for steep punchy hills, tons of technical roots and rocks, and a wicked jump line.

And whats up for this coming weekend?? Well, Substance Projects XC Marathon Series starts this weekend with the Humbler, a 45km MTB race in the Haliburton Forest. If you want in, you better get on it…Registration closes by Wednesday the 29th at midnight. Check it out at http://www.substanceprojects.com

For today…I’m heading out for some Single Speed MTB. Let’s see what the rest of the week brings…(besides 5 more days, that is…). (OK…I know…I gotta find better jokes than that…). Actually this post is rather devoid of good jokes, isn’t it? I’m gonna hafta up my game!

In the mean time do what everyone is doing…google some of Norm Macdonald’s old stuff. Especially his moth joke, and his dolphin joke. Classic Norm!

Stay posted,

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