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Global FatMike

OK…not Global FatMike (likely a good thing), but Global Fatbike Day. The first Saturday in December is generally celebrated as Global Fatbike Day, where fatbikers across the globe get out and ride their fatbikes either at a formal Global Fatbike Day event, or in an informal group, or solo…like on their own.

So this Saturday December 4th, Mansfield Outdoor Centre will be hosting a Global Fatbike day event…and they have snow!!

Ya…same as the image above: Mansfield Outdoor Centre, with snow.

And they have an awesome trail system (with happy riders and maybe a weirdo or two…)

They will be offering a special day pass for $10, with warm change rooms, a big comfy lounge with a big ol’ fireplace…

They will even have a chilli and hot coffee lunch cuz who isn’t hungry after a day of fatbiking??

The real question is will they have a local brewery selling adult bubbly pops?? Guess you will have to come out and see! You can find out more at their facebook site, here.

On Sunday December 5th a rather informal gathering (you can wear a tux if you want) are getting together to ride fatbikes at Albion Conservation Area trails. Albion also has snow!! You can learn more about the event at their facebook event page, here.

Aaaaand I think Simcoe County Forest Trails are celebrating Global Fatbike Day with a group ride on December 5th. However, I believe you have to register for this one ahead of time. (Simcoe County should have snow too!!). You can find out more about this event, here!

I’m sure there are other events being held, but these are the ones I know about. I am planning on attending the Mansfield one on Saturday, and the Albion one on Sunday. I currently have 29+ (3.0”) wheels/tires on my fatbike, so I guess it is time to put the fat wheels/tires on sometime this week. BicycleWorks in Waterdown…my go-to LBS for all things bike.

And then, I suppose a post about said events will follow…next week. Um, if you don’t have a fatbike, go get one!! And we will cya out there!!

Stay posted!

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