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Weather or Not

Y’know, I used to love winter when I was a kid, 140 yrs ago or so (OK, not quite that long…). Cuz I loved the winter activities; tobogganing, skiing, but mostly hockey…hockey, hockey, hockey…in any form. I still love the winter activities…now mostly snowshoeing, adventure skiing, and of course fatbiking. I gave up hockey a few years ago, as I struggled through recurring injuries (how ironic is that?), and my attention to mountain biking infringed on hockey time.

What I now find myself dealing with is an increasing aversion to cold weather. Winter is freaking cold…and I don’t like it. Luckily, as winter fatbiking gains popularity, the availability of warmer winter gear seems to be increasing, so thought I might share some of the ones that have served to keep my parts warmy!

Blivet, NorthWave, and 45HRTH have all stepped up their game in the clip-in winter cycling boot market (see what I did there???). My choice was the Blivet Quilo boot. My previous boots were 5 year old Specialized Defrosters that were literally falling apart, and required me to use the chemical toe patches to keep my feet warm at anything nearing freezing temps. The Blivets are amazing, so lightweight, unbelievably comfortable, and warm as hell (almost literally!). And with a Vibram sole so if you ever need to hike-a-bike you can do so comfortably and with proper grip. In fact these boots are so effective I use them for snowshoeing and adventure skiing.

And I paired up the Blivet boots with the Blivet socks. While there are many wool sock options available, the reason I really like these socks, other than for the warm, thick, wool/lycra combo is that they are long. They reach almost to my knees so keep my lower leg warm.

Aaaan den….the Fox Defend Fire bibs (they also come in a pant). These things are amazing. They fit properly, and very comfortably; they have multiple functional pockets; easy to access when you drink too much fireball infused skratch; and mostly they are unbelievably warm!! I’ve used them from -2 degrees, to -15 and have been toasty warm, with an easy access zippered pocket for my phone, and three other for food, keys, painkillers, flask, or whatever you want to bring on your ride. Can’t say enough good things about ’em.

All the things I have mentioned so far I got at my LBS, Bicycleworks in Waterdown. So check with your own LBS for what they might have available. Might even be some sales happening for this time of year.

Cat pic? What cat pic??

Ya….sometimes Lou helps to keep me warm too, whenever we get a chance to have him over. And the cat is right…what is with the weather these days?? 15 degree swings in temperature within 12 hours…a foot of snow, to rain, to ice, to snow and all over again. Studded tires are a necessity on most trails, or you almost take your life (or at least your collarbone) into your hands. Hopefully Mother Nature sobers up soon, and we will be headed into spring temps and conditions.

Soon we will be riding on gravel waiting for the trails to dry up…or maybe even on sand, right Dan?? After all, sand us just really fine gravel, right Dan? What am I going on about with this sand thing?? Check it out at Dan’s site, here.

Anyways, I suppose that is enough for this episode of ‘Bored by Riot’. It has been so surprisingly long since the last post, and so much more to post about…more trails opening, more races and events happening, so many friends doing amazing things in this sport, so sorry, but I will be posting more regularly from now on….again.

For now, I really, really, really have to get into proper, or at least better mountain bike shape. I have gotten so outta the zone…for now, winter training. (Something else to post about??) There is always something, so until the next one…

Stay posted…

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