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The Cold Shoulder

It’s not that I am tired of my fatbike, my fatbike is awesome! But I am tired of winter. Our local winter weather has been so sketch. 50cm of snowfall (which was great for snowshoes and adventure skis!!) followed by a week of melting/freezing for a couple of weeks….and repeat. My snowshoes saw more action this winter than they have for a while. But the melting/freezing cycle made studded fat tires almost a necessity this winter…which is OK if you had them. If you didn’t have them they were near impossible to find.

I tended to spend much of my winter riding up at Mansfield Outdoor Centre…cuz kilometres of groomed trails, and an amazing indoor facility with a warm fireplace, kitchen, washrooms, and free massages from TeamVanGo. OK, I’m kidding about the free massages, but TVG is responsible for the trail maintenance at MOC and at Dufferin Forest….thank you folks!!

Much of my winter riding at MOC was spent getting pushed, pulled, or dropped by these two characters.

And, yes, I have alot of work to do to try to keep them in sight. But I am working on it. Cuz they go this fast…

I expect I will still be spending much time riding at MOC in spring/summer/fall because of the amazing trails…fun, challenging, and sand based so rideable in almost all conditions where other trail systems are a mess. But mostly, because you can also camp on site…I love camping so to be able to camp and mtb on the same place is amazing. Kind of like Turkey Point, and maybe some of the Simcoe County trails that are near campsites. Camping AND mountain biking….what could be better than that??

This reminds me that it’s not that I am tired of my fatbike, my fatbike is awesome! But I miss my other bikes. While I can ride my fatbike any time of year, most of my other bikes don’t get ridden all winter. So as we are now into shoulder season…and the temps start to warm up….kind of…I have started to force other bikes into service.

My bikepacking bike, which also serves as my geared gravel bike (my single speed gravel bike has too tall of gearing for my current lack of shapeness) has been put to gravel and rail trail duty for a couple of rides…

But I have missed the single speeds…so although the trails are not yet rideable, I did take my single speed mtb (more reasonable fat-guy gearing) out for a gravel/rail trail ride the other day…

So come on Mother Nature, get happy, warm up….get us through this cold, wet shoulder. Dry up our trails so we can get back where we belong. Let the anger go…

It’s OK Ma Nature…we know this is just your way. But we are eager to get on the trails and back into natures bounty. I’m also eager to get bikepacking….cuz you know, mountain biking AND camping, what could get better than that?? And there are so many new routes that I have yet to do. If you are not familiar with available routes website is a good place to start. Anyways….ya, bikepacking….could do an entire blog series on that alone.

And race season is nearing….if Ma Nature allows it. In fact Dan has something very interesting coming up soon! You like beaches?? Check it out here.

And while we are on happy topics…I really need to give a shout out to this happy fellow…Robert, but his superhero name is Pinoy Ryder.

This year marks 11 years that Robert has been running/admin for Pinoy Pedal Pushers facebook page (PPP) Ride to Inspire! . 11 years!! Man time goes by so fast. I first met Robert at one of Dan’s races too long ago (a race where I witnessed Jeff Shikaze go over the bars into two feet of snow…). Anyways, if you get a chance give Robert a thumbs up…

And in a bit of sad news…apparently it is the end of one of my favourites…

Rumour is these will be no more…sadly. But good memories!!

Anyways, I ramble and go on too long….

OK…hang in there…until next time,

Stay posted!

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