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Races Galore!

So, is the world getting back to normal?? Whatever normal is….I am definitely not an expert on normal. Just ask Lois…OK, do not ask Lois!

Anyways…this past weekend was chock full of races. Yes…mountain bike races!! Epic ones….all over the world. And some epic local riders attending said races. E P I C !!!

Local endurance racing legend Sarah Caylor took on the 24 Hour Solo World championships in Italy. Ya….Italy!! Check out the details at

Endurance rider extraordinaire Hal Judd tackled the Transylvania Epic. A crazy epic 5 day stage race in Pennsylvania. According to Hal, no vampires were harmed in this race. Check out the details at

Hal is often seen chasing this local legend, Jeff Shkaze around some ridiculously long loop

This pic is from 2011 Spring Epic 8 Hour Relay Racevintage!!

Speaking of the Spring Epic 8 Hour…the 2022 version was this weekend at Mansfield Outdoor Centre. Promoted by Superfly Racing…a top notch, truly professional race organizer!!

Many friends (some of them might even admit it), and a whole lot of folks I don’t know, were in attendance; and of course….every one of them kicked arse. You can check out the deets at

And finally (as far as I know), epic Lapdog Bevin is out racing his mountain bike in Tanzania. Yes….Tanzania!! At the Grumeti Fund K2N stage race going on this week. How freaking epic is that!! Details at

As far as I am aware that is what has gone on this past weekend, and this week. Mountain bike racing!! So good to see the world getting back…kind of.

And more races coming up soon…including…

Substance projects Screaming Squirrel gravel race (yes, that really is the name of the race) is in just a week, so if you want in you better get on it quick!! Find out more at

And the epic Summer Solstice 24 Hour by Chico Racing…still has openings, but hurry to reg…spots are filling up fast!! This is a hugely popular event!

As for me…I have been recovering from a couple of broken ribs. So no racing…however…Matt Kadey’s (of BT700 fame) No Winter Maintenance bikepacking route Grand Depart is this Saturday June 4th. So I think I will give my ribs and endurance a bit of a test and take part in this one. No race pace, just a couple of long, easy-ish days in the saddle. If you want to see a suffering Metis mountain biker riding some gravel…come join.

Well, that’s it for this cat…I think. Off to get the gravel bike ready for the weekend. Appropo post to follow next week-ish….

Stay posted!!

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