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Races Galore!

So, is the world getting back to normal?? Whatever normal is….I am definitely not an expert on normal. Just ask Lois…OK, do not ask Lois! Anyways…this past weekend was chock full of races. Yes…mountain bike races!! Epic ones….all over the world. And some epic local riders attending said races. E P I C !!! LocalContinue reading “Races Galore!”

A Little Bikepacking Anyone?

So, in my last post I made reference to bikepacking, and the BT700 website…http://www.bt700.ca Oooops…sorry about that…an adoring fan, I guess… Anyways…just a day or two after my last post Matt Kadey, creator/composer/developer/keeper/guardian….of said website, and also of many bikepacking routes (and a master bikepacker…obviously) sent out an BT700 related email. Oh heck…sorry again…just anotherContinue reading “A Little Bikepacking Anyone?”

The Cold Shoulder

It’s not that I am tired of my fatbike, my fatbike is awesome! But I am tired of winter. Our local winter weather has been so sketch. 50cm of snowfall (which was great for snowshoes and adventure skis!!) followed by a week of melting/freezing for a couple of weeks….and repeat. My snowshoes saw more actionContinue reading “The Cold Shoulder”

Weather or Not

Y’know, I used to love winter when I was a kid, 140 yrs ago or so (OK, not quite that long…). Cuz I loved the winter activities; tobogganing, skiing, but mostly hockey…hockey, hockey, hockey…in any form. I still love the winter activities…now mostly snowshoeing, adventure skiing, and of course fatbiking. I gave up hockey aContinue reading “Weather or Not”

Global FatMike

OK…not Global FatMike (likely a good thing), but Global Fatbike Day. The first Saturday in December is generally celebrated as Global Fatbike Day, where fatbikers across the globe get out and ride their fatbikes either at a formal Global Fatbike Day event, or in an informal group, or solo…like on their own. So this SaturdayContinue reading “Global FatMike”

Kingston Trophy

On Saturday, October 16, Substance Projects held the second race of their Marathon XC Mountain Bike race series…the Kingston Trophy; aptly held in Kingston, Ontario. And yes, I attended. Actually, don’t tell Dan (of Substance Projects….Dan of Substance?) but I actually went to Kingston to visit family, cousins that I don’t see near often enough.Continue reading “Kingston Trophy”

Sand for Rain to MTB

So we have been living in the rain belt for the last week….or so it seems. It has been wet…very. So I have been in search of places to ride mtb…(in an effort to avoid road riding…). The most obvious options within local driving distance are Turkey Point and Mansfield/Dufferin Forest. Both of these trailContinue reading “Sand for Rain to MTB”

Truth &…

So…not exactly a mountain biking topic, but it is heavily in the current news so many folks have asked me about my take on the residential school, truth & reconciliation thing recently. I’m not prone to talk about politics, religion, my feelings, or the state of the marvel universe…especially online. Well, not without a fairContinue reading “Truth &…”

Races for Thee…

Well there were a couple of bike races this past weekend. I did not take part in either one, unfortunately. I am still not anywhere close to proper race shape…I am barely in ride for fun shape…but I’m working on it. What races happened? There was the Fall Epic 8 Hour Mountain Bike Relay Race,Continue reading “Races for Thee…”


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