Sand for Rain to MTB

So we have been living in the rain belt for the last week….or so it seems. It has been wet…very. So I have been in search of places to ride mtb…(in an effort to avoid road riding…). The most obvious options within local driving distance are Turkey Point and Mansfield/Dufferin Forest. Both of these trail systems are sand based, and are definite go to’s when other trails are wet, muddy, messes; and both trail systems are actually better when wet.

Turkey Point has over 85 kms of trail, however it is not all sand based (some is loam and clay), and some of the trails are closed for hunting seasons. Still, there are more than enough trails to allow hours of riding without repeating trails. And many options, from fast and flowy, to rooty, and lung busting climbs. All ridiculous fun…and kick ass work out. Speaking of ass kicking, PowerPaul did kick my ass around the Turkey Point trails this week.

Mansfield has recently opened to the public, and it backs onto the Dufferin Forest trail system to make for a very extensive network of almost entirely sand based trails. These trails are mint, perfect, when other trails are under water….and they are so much fun. The trails for the most part, are built and maintained by the folks at Team Van Go (who are responsible for much of the trail system in Dufferin Forest…thank you so much!!)…and so many enhancements to the Mansfield trails this year. Flowy, climby, with the occasional root and scattered with fun log overs….and when wet these trails are packed and grippy. Mansfield/Dufferin = hours of fun, challenging riding. And Mansfield provides washroom and shower facilities,

…many picnic tables, an indoor lodge, bike wash station, and camping. $15 for a riding day pass, and seasonal passes available…and word is they will provide fatbike trails, snowshoeing, and ski options this winter.

I ended up riding Mansfield 3 times this week. But I am so out of shape, got my arse kicked again…by PowerPaul, Meredith, and Johnny…

Did I mention how out of shape I am? Seriously. I went for a medical check up and all went well until the prostate up the back door check…I don’t know…maybe it’s time to get a new dentist. OK…really seriously…I truly am very out of shape…but riding, resistance training (my legs are now like twigs!), I am slowly getting back…slowly. The main problem is severe lower back issues heavily inflamed by two seasons of treeplanting. I’m currently receiving regular physiotherapy so hopefully that will address things, but can’t happen fast enough for me.

No joking, I am truly out of shape, at least 20 lbs heavier than I should be. So besides regular riding, off bike exercise, and physiotherapy, I also need to get my nutrition in order and under control. The other day I ate 3 cans of alphabet soup and ended up with the largest vowel movement ever. OK, then. Anyways, being so out of sorts has kept me away from most mountain bike events, and living alone in the mountain forests of BC has left me preferring to avoid crowds of people. However, I miss the mountain bike community, and suffer from FOMO for not supporting friends/local race promoters. So, I may have done a thing…

So, if you want a great opportunity to kick my arse…you have until Wednesday Oct. 13th at midnight to sign up.

The Kingston Trophy…October 16th. I will be happy just to survive to finish. Cya there!!

‘Race’ review to follow.

Stay posted…

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